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Fourth Think Tank: Provisional Timetable & Call for Case Studies

October 10, 2011

A provisional timetable for the fourth ASHPIT Think Tank is now available on the “Think Tank Days” page. In a departure from the format of previous events, we have a panel of speakers discussing issues relating to the next theme of Internships and Placements rather than a single keynote speech on that topic. You can find brief biographical details of the panelists in the provisional timetable.

As usual, we’re also looking for two or three 15-minute case studies of current good practice in an area relating to the think tank theme. If you would like to share your experiences of organising researcher placements please send an email to  with a very brief overview of your placement project. This should including details of:

  • The number of postgraduate participants
  • The number, type and size of partner organisations
  • Whether or not placements were paid (and, if so, who your funders were)
  • The degree (if any) of reflective practice incorporated into your placements project. This might include pre-placement needs anaylses and post-placement skills development reflection.
  • Any other details you think are relevant!
If you would like to submit a case study proposal, please do so by 5pm this Friday, 14th October.
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