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Overview: ASHPIT is envisaged as a collaborative, cross-institutional and discipline-specific think tank which will enhance the ability of researcher developers to deliver innovative, discipline-appropriate training and support to researchers in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (ASH).

The key aims and objectives of the ASHPIT project for the next two years are:

  • To facilitate engagement with ongoing policy and practice in researcher development. We intend to do this by:
    1. Becoming a focus for the generation of new ideas in targeted areas
    2. Developing an ASH implementation framework which will translate policy initiatives into workable training resources as they arise.
    3. Coordinating the design and deliver of a number of innovative teaching courses to be fed into the VITAE Database of Resources and national VITAE training programme.
  • To share, embed and sustain best practice via a national, cross-institution network of ASH subject researcher developers. This will include bringing together and disseminating the good practice that has evolved during the period of Roberts funding. We hope this will encourage the best possible use to be made of resources and funding, helping higher education institutions to retain more than just the core functions that the current funding climate might otherwise dictate.
  • To provide a discipline-specific network for ASH researcher developers. Subject-focused network-building seems to facilitate more effective dissemination of good practice and innovation. It is hoped that the ASHPIT project will help researcher developers to incorporate both existing examples of subject-specific best practice, as well as innovations in ASH researcher development, into the generic training programmes offered by their institutions. Those institutions which already offer subject-specific training can still expect to benefit from their involvement with ASHPIT by being able to share their experiences with their peers elsewhere. If it is successful, ASHPIT might act as a pilot for the development of other discipline-specific networks.

These aims and objectives will be addressed at six policy and practice days (three per annum) whose outputs will be published here. Limited funding is available to help representatives of institutions attend these policy and practice days. Please contact for more information.

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