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Placements Paperwork

This page has been set up in response to a discussion at the fourth ASHPIT think tank on placements and internships, wherein it was suggested that it mightbe useful to have a space to share information about (and appropriate examples of) documentation relating to issues such as terms & conditions, intellectual property rights, health and safety, insurance and so on.

The types of example you might find useful include job specifications for internships or placements, such as these for a  Network Development Officer and for a Visual Art Education Traineeship, both of which were run by the Arts Graduate Centre here at the University of Nottingham. You may also find it useful to have a quick look at the Terms and Conditions  that the AGC uses for its placements.

One of the issues discussed at the fourth think tank was that of scalability in terms of placements, an element which seems particularly pertinent in light of recommendations made in the Wilson Review (2012) that all researchers be given an opportunity to undertake an 8-12 week internship or placement outside academia as part of their course of study. For researcher developers to be able to provide these sorts of opportunities, it seems likely that at least some of the placements they offer will need to be developed as group models. The following examples of projects piloted by the Arts Graduate Centre in collaboration with three of its external partners may be of interest to those tasked with developing this sort of model.

The first of these is a current project which provides two PGRs with an opportunity to work with the Nottingham Contemporary gallery on the production of  a pilot archival micro-site for a recent exhibition. The project recruited both a Content Editor  and a Website Developer (descriptions of both of which roles can be accessed by clicking on them). These placement-holders were intended to have very different – but complementary – skills sets, and to work together to fulfil the project goals.

The second pilot project designed around a group model allowed a group of 4 postgraduate students to put their research and writing skills into action by working with the Derby QUAD visual arts gallery on the development of a funding bid.The placement description and person specification for this project may be accessed here.

The third project, ResearcherCurator, was a much larger programme involving 24 PGRs from universities across the East Midlands. The project was undertaken in collaboration with Nottingham’s Galleries of Justice Museum and allowed researchers to gain practical experience of developing learning resources for public engagement through their production of a new schools’ workbook for use as part of the Galleries’ programme of public engagement. Again, the placement description and person specification for applications is available here. If you would like further information about any of these projects please contact Sarah Kerr ( 

If you have any relevant insights or experiences you’d like to share, do feel free to add them here by commenting on the page. If you would like us to upload example documents or other resources, either post the link here or send them to us as and we’ll upload them for you.

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