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On this page you will find links to some of the presentations given at ASHPIT Think Tank days, as well as to other resources which have been developed from the ASHPIT project.

The page is a work in progress and we always welcome contributions to it from anyone who has an exciting or useful resource they’d like to share.

SHARE Think Tank“Public Engagement & Impact”

– University of Southampton – 28/02/2013.


Public Engagement in the Arts – Sarah Kerr (University of Nottingham)

PE and Impact – Using the RDF – Heather Pateman (Vitae)

Performing 18C Miscellanies – Abigail Williams (St Peter’s College, University of Oxford)

Re-reading the British Memorial – Nicole Beale & Gareth Beale (University of Southampton)

SSC Arts and Heritage – Padmini Broomfield (Southampton City Council)

The Value of Interactions – Meet the Scientist – Kathryn Woods-Townsend (University of Southampton)

Case Studies:

Dissemination of Research into Sir Charles Eastlake – The National Gallery

Event Write-up:

SHARE Event Notes & Session Write-up – 2013-02-28 – compiled by Sarah Kerr (University of  Nottingham)

Thought Capture:


ASHPIT 5: Collaborating in Consortia; Embedding Impact; Preparing for Careers in H.E.

Collaborating in Consortia

Dr Sue Carver (AHRC)

Sue Starbuck (University of Surrey)

Dr Anne Boultwood (Birmingham City University)

Embedding Impact

Dr Sue Carver (AHRC)

Dr Emily Bannister (University of Manchester)

Sarah Kerr & Rachel Middlemass (University of Nottingham)

Policy Review: The Wilson Review

Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne (CRAC)

Sarah Kerr (University of Nottingham)

Careers in Higher Education

Sarah Kerr (University of Nottingham)

Case Study

Dr Emily Bannister & Dr Claire Stocks – Researcher Training Methods at the University of Manchester

Additional Resources

Click here for a summary review of existing literature on the career destinations of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities graduates and postgraduates, conducted by Lyndsay Miller (intern with the University of Nottingham’s Arts Graduate Centre)

Click on the links below for copies of the newsletters produced after all of the think tanks held since the network was formed back in 2010. Each think tank’s theme responds to or reflects current policy emphases, and the newsletters provide an overview of the policy developments catalysing or feeding into those themes, as well as summaries of the presentations given at each event.

First ASHPIT newsletter: Public Engagement (University of Nottingham), December 2010

Second ASHPIT newsletter: Entrepreneurship (University of Oxford), March 2011

Third ASHPIT newsletter: Employer Engagement for Employability (University of Manchester), July 2011

Fourth ASHPIT newsletter: Internships and Placements (SOAS, London), December 2011

Fifth ASHPIT newsletter: Collaborating in Consortia, Embedding Impact & Preparing for Careers in Higher Education (University of Oxford), May 2012

Sixth ASHPIT newsletter: The benefits, challenges, and methods of working internationally (University of Manchester), July 2012

Don’t forget to browse the ‘Links’ column on the right-hand side of the home-page for links to more useful resources.

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